Public Commitment: Learning GraphQL - Learn Along!

Public Commitment: Learning GraphQL - Learn Along!

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Sarthak Batra
·Oct 7, 2020·

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I bit the bullet.

I was getting too seduced with the whole JAMstack hoopla. I mean, how could you not, it's just.. So simple, so elegant. I had to try it. So I picked up a few artickes here on Hashnode, and a few tutorials on Udemy and Videos (Yay freecodecamp).

I understood the basics of JAMstack and now it was time to get my hands dirty. There was a problem though - I had never worked on GraphQL, and while it's not absolutely necessary to know GraphQL to get started with JAMstack, it adheres by the same principle of simplicity and elegance. Plus, it supercharges your backend!! So, there was no point resisting. I got some tutorials again (yay again, freecodecamp, my literal savior. )

I quickly spun up a simple NodeJS server and I was ready to go. Btw,everything I code will be available publicly and free to download on my GitHub profile If you like the effort, star it? :-)

I've done the first part of it and though I have more to learn, I invite you to join me in my journey. Here's the commitment - I intend to stream everything to my Twitch channel before I move on to the next part. You will also find VODs/highlights from the stream packaged in a more concise way over on my YouTube channel (On that note, if you think you can think of a better name for my YouTube channel than the current one, then hit me up.)

I also intend to post parts of the journey (as elaborate I can get) here along with other general tech content I blog out.


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